Friday, July 07, 2006

My second favourite fair: Wiesenfest in Selb

The Wiesenfest in Selb is an annual fair taking place in Selb, Germany. Selb is the town, where I grew up (in nearby Neuhaus/Eger) and went to school. It is located in the northern and very cold part of Bavaria, the Fichtelgebirge. Selb has about 17.000 inhabitants, the number is decreasing mainly because of structural problems in the porcelain industry. Selb is famous for its porcelain, e.g. the companies Hutschenreuther and Rosenthal were founded there.
The Wiesenfest starts every second weekend in July since 1830. The opening ceremony on Friday called "Bierprobe", which is carried out by the city's mayor sees many people gathering to watch the opening spectacle.
On Saturday and Sunday, the school children of Selb gather for sports (soccer and handball), dancing and games (special form of skittles (the ball is on a rope) and "Hahnenschlagen" which means destroying a flowerpot with a stick while being blinded by a scarf over the eyes).
There are various bands playing and all kind of food is offered (especially Kebab and Pizza, besides the typical German Bratwurst sausage and other barbecue food).
I go there every year to meet my former school buddies. I will start later today and take Emma with me to visit my parents. I'm looking forward to this event. There will also be the finals of the Soccer World Championship this weekend.
See you when you get there!


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