Sunday, June 11, 2006

Holiday coverage: From Punta Ala / Tuscany / Italy

What has happened? We are here for one week on the beautiful camping site Baia Verde; eight buddies willing to live on beer, coffee, sun, sea, laughter, watching Football World Championship and air. We arrived safely after a 10 hour trip, driving 1000 km from Germany to southern Italy.

  • Germany has won its first round match against Costa Rica 4:2
  • One of my favourite teams, Sweden, hasn't managed to win against Trinidad Tobago (only 0:0). But they will come back
  • Dirk Nowitzki has won the first match of the NBA Finals against Miami with the Dallas Mavericks
  • Tina and Emma are in Lienz, Austria with Tina's parents (who are there for the "millionth" time). I will miss them a lot
  • Yesterday we had perfect weather, right now it's raining. I'm wrong, the sun is back again. It's changing every minute or so
  • My sister-in-law Catrin and her boyfriend Steve are close to leave Cananda for a trip to Europe, starting on Thursday
  • I slept for 9 hours, I don't know when that has happened in the last months
  • Who has won the tennis French open?
  • I will have to write about the scandal around the Heinrich Heine Preis and the author Peter Handke when I am back to Germany; that is so annoying
  • Now I'm heading to the beach


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