Friday, May 19, 2006

Modern physiologies - children

Children are the talk of the town. Mainly because there are too little of them. The average number of children per woman in Germany is about 1.3 - 1.4. At this niveau the number of children born in Germany per generation will reduce one third. That is far to little to ensure the number of people in our country. Therefore the fertility would have to be about 2.1.
We have one baby, so we are below average. Still. I think two will be possible. That would be 0.1 too little. I think that's arguable.
It will not be our fault.

But what went wrong? I think people think a lot before deciding about becoming parents. If you think too much there will always be reasons to say no:

  • Less money available for hobbies, vacations, clothes etc.
  • Less time for friends, family and partnership
  • Less sleep, oh yes that's true
  • A lot of responsibility and sorrows
  • Problems with care of the children when both parents want or have to work (too litte day care places, problems to find a reliable day mother, unwilling employers concerning flexibility for mothers and fathers)
  • Little appreciation of the society, often children are looked at as noisy troublemakers

If you limit thoughts, children can be a lot of pleasure as well:

  • You will laugh and smile like you have never laughed and smiled before
  • You will be loved unconditionally and from the heart of your baby
  • You will be missed and asked for if you are not there
  • You will have the fabulous task to educate a person that is willing to learn and grow in many respects
  • You will become a great organizer
  • You will never be alone
  • You will never be bored again
I think that is what many couples forget when they want to decide. Not to decide and let nature have it's way can be a good approach.

Stop thinking too much at least as long as you have not to suffer from poverty. This will never happen in other respects than money. You will be a millionare in other issues mentioned above.

And Germany will introduce a new benefit that the parent that stays at home will get 67% of his last income for one year. Why worry? You will not regret.


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