Friday, May 05, 2006

Faded myths - Freeway

When you grow up, you are longing for mobility. I remember learning to ride my bicycle. This meant the first broadening of possibilities. My brother and I, we were huge soccer fans, when we were young. He supported the Hamburger SV, I supported Bayern München. Times are changing, now we like our 1.FC Nürnberg. We collected decals of our stars, mainly when international tournaments took place. I think I spent most of my pocket money for these things. We were riding to the next city to buy them.
Later I rode my Mofa and had a good time. But then the driving license occured on the wish list. I had to wait until the age of 19, because I had to pass my school leaving examination, before my father was willing to pay. A family tradition, I did not support.........
After failing once, I finally succeeded and the freeway lay wide open. Oh how I loved to drive my car, a white (this color hardly exists anymore for cars) Volkswagen Golf. I loved it so much, my second car was a white Volkswagen Golf again. The streets were not empty, but my way home to my parents at the weekends was on the freeway in direction Berlin. Germany was separated and this freeway really was "empty". Things have changed after reunification of Germany. This freeway turned into a nightmare, because everybody travelled to and fro Berlin like hell. Suddenly the frontier region where my parents live became the heart of Germany.................
We have millions of cars in Germany and still politicians think they can solve the problem of traffic increase by building new streets. That is so stupid. Who sows streets will harvest traffic. Buts cars are the golden calves of cermany that will not be slaughtered. Every sixth or seventh job in Germany is in the car industry. You can probably imagine the power of the car industry lobby. Nowadays I'm glad when I can avoid driving by car. I love holidays without going by car (well at least for large distances).
Things have changed a lot, at least in my head. "Easy Rider" would not work anymore as a movie. The freeway has turned into a crowdway. That's not my opinion of freedom and protection of mother nature.....................


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