Thursday, October 27, 2005

Faded myths - mopeds

I don't know the exact English word for this vehicle. Moped, motorized bicycle? The German word is Mofa (motorisiertes Fahrrad).
A "motorbike" with a top speed of 25 kmph or about 16 mph. A lot of them were souped up (not mine).
They were quite popular in Germany when I was a teenager. You just had to take a little written test, nowadays you have to take some driving lessons. That's funny!
I had a Solo moped and later a Hercules moped which I inherited from my elder brother.
This was my key to liberty at the age of 15 to 18. My moped took me to every event I wanted to be at, without sweating.
Downhill I took the gear out and went up to 30 mph. Swoooooooosh.
I often drove without helmet although this is forbidden. I remember that the police saw me without helmet, when they drove towards me. But in the time they had turned round the car and tried to come after me I had disappeared in the next dirtroad (I grew up in the countryside). They never got me.
I drove through day and night, through sunshine and rain (although this isn't funny).
Often me and my brother went to the disco together. One was going by moped and dragged the other with the bicycle. The world famous disco Jeanette in Thierstein, a little village out in BFE (does anybody know, what this means?). Oh how urgent we had to be there every friday and saturday. Alexander Michael Wotton alias Mike delighted us as DJ.
Our father payed for the fuel (I think, but I can't remember exactly) so this was the perfect, free but slow locomotion.
Of course I was smiled at from the faster moped drivers (80 cc.) from time to time. But I couldn't care less. I wasn't in a hurry, the whole life was still ahead.


Anonymous jayred said...

Nie motorbike! (This is the correct English translation, I think.)

I think if you were here in CH, the Swiss police would have caught you! ;-) Besides, they get a little help from the electronic radars!

Happy weekend! Nice to see you're back in blog circulation. (A mini-German blog for me? Nyah, I don't think so.) :-)

4:11 PM  
Blogger Jayred said...

erratum; "NICE motorbike!"

4:12 PM  
Blogger pillepalle said...

Another interesting topic out of the blue! And nice story of getting rid of the cops! We also have a motorbike like this, it's common to call it "babetta," I guess it's Italian, but that's about all I know of motorbikes!

4:14 PM  

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