Monday, September 26, 2005

Websites I like - Ersin and Börek Show

"Du Ersin ich hab Disch was mitgebracht".

That's the beginning of the "Dem Ersin und Börek Show". With the sound contributions of the two leading actors Ersin and Börek there is not a dry eye in the house and sometimes the eye gets black as well.
The two word acrobats are supported in their weekly show by the dog "Dober-Pauli" and by a captain of a prawn cutter.
Nobody is safe from them, neither Star Trek nor Britney Spears.

The website captivates by its light-handed and elegant programming, its big entertainment value and the affectionately developed characters.
The two German-Turks (a comedian genre in Germany) Ersin and Börek share more than the initial letters of their names with Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street.

They entertain players and the audience with weekly new, surprising and characteristic contributions e.g. for the use of the letters of the alphabet and to other "vital" topics.

A comic strip league of it's own. Wildly entertaining. Check it out!


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