Wednesday, September 07, 2005

German politics - The candidates' debate

Last sunday we had the big showdown between Angela Merkel (rival candidate) and Gerhard Schröder (chancellor).
It was broadcasted on 4 German T.V. stations at the same time (ARD, ZDF, SAT 1 and RTL).
There was a big ballyhoo before this debate:

  • It is the only one before the election on September 18.
  • Schröder is the media man and can't slap a woman (does she look like?) directly in the face
  • Schröder will win, Merkel has no chance (so Merkel can only win?)
  • Trivialities will be discussed, nothing new will occur
  • There will be too many details, that nobody will understand
I have watched the debate but it ended somehow unsatisfactory. Schröder has won in the eyes of nearly anybody. But Merkel didn't do a bad job either and so she looks like the hidden champion. She has nothing to lose.
There is no anticipation possible, what will be the effect on the election. Right now the possible conservative / liberal coalition has a lead of about 8-9 percent.

I was disappointed of the journalists. There were the anchor men / women of the channels investigating. They did it professional but in a boring way.

Nobody asked:

Gerhard, do you still have the desire to rule four more years? What will you do, what you haven't done in the last seven years of your government?

Angela, can you do this job without Gerhard? Won't you need him when you go to meeting with statesmen abroad and need someone to charm them all over when it comes to critical issues?

So Angela and Gerhard if you read this. I would be interested in your answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Konrad said...

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Blogger Kathy said...


Hoffe ihr hattet einen schönen Urlaub und seid gut erholt wieder daheim angekommen.

Ja ja nur noch 10 Tage bis zur Wahl und es scheint so, als würde es noch mal spannend werden. Bin echt gespannt.

In diesem Sinne, viele Grüße, Kathy

1:37 PM  

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