Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Modern physiologies - The media man

We will have the election of the Bundestag on September 18th in Germany, as previously mentioned.
There will be probably two "battle of words" between chancellor Gerhard Schröder (of SPD = social democrats) and challenger Angela Merkel (of CDU = conservatives).
Angela Merkel says, that she is ready for the debate. But Guido Westerwelle, leader of the designated coalition partner FDP (the liberals) warns her, he calls the invitation to the duel "poisoned".

Merkel says she wants to argue with Schröder; she could present her supporting arguments in front of a large audience.
Westerwelle advises her against debating with Schröder. Schröder would show his brilliant relations with the media.

Schröder is known as a "media man". He decided the last election in 2002 probably in the debates with former candidat Edmund Stoiber. Stoiber was too stiff and clumsy, although he was obviously well prepared and coached before. But he couldn't reach the statesmanlike aura of Schröder. I think the comparatively good looks of Schröder contributed to the success, too. Especially when I think about women. Sorry girls, but I think it would also work the other way round.

A lot of things have changed with regard to the importance of the mass media. If you are not a media man, it's hard to get to the top level of power. I think the last person in Germany who could do without was former chancellor (for 16 years) Helmut Kohl. Take a look at the picture and you know, what I mean.

I think the relevance of the media is double-edged. Of course I want to be represented by a professional and competent politician. But I do not want to be represented by a good-looking actor. I think the programme should be in focus.

This applies to other persons in public as well, e.g. leaders of companies, NGOs etc. I think they can't do without the media nowadays but sometimes it would be better to take a look behind the curtain. And not to believe in "Potemkin Villages".

Turn off TV!


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