Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Linkspartei - A new party in Germany

We will have an advanced election in Germany on September 18th.

This is the result of the lost vote of no confidence of the social democrat chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

He wanted to lose though, because he felt that he had lost the possibility to act and to control in the main political projects in Germany. This understanding occured after the social democrats lost the regional election in North-Rhine Westfalia against the conservatives. This led to a huge majority of the conservatives in the Bundesrat, the parliament of the German states. They are able to block important laws and ordinances that come from the Bundestag, the elected parliament of the German people.
A conciliation committee is formed in this cases, but that's a tough and nerve-racking way.

So the new election will come. And what happens first? Oskar Lafontaine, former social democrat and minister of finance appears on the scene and praises himself as the "Deus ex machina". He criticizes the social democrats strongly and has founded the Wahlalternative (election alternative) WASG, a left wing party.
The next maneuver was the fusion with the socialistic party PDS and the foundation of the Linkspartei. The PDS is the successor of the eastern German state party SED. She is still successful in the eastern part of Germany. WASG and PDS as Linkspartei want to reach out for 10% of the votes all over Germany. Which will be gained from former social democrat voters and protest voters probably.

This could lead to an interesting constellation. On one hand there are the right wing parties conservatives (CDU) and liberals (FDP), who are leading in the opinion polls (which would lead to Angela Merkel as next chancellor). On the other hand there are the left wing parties social democrats (SPD), green party (Grüne/Bündnis 90) and the socialists (Linkspartei). But the ratio is only 50 : 46 percent at the moment (see picture). So we are looking forward to a thrilling election. None of the left wing parties is talking about an alliance at the moment. But wait till the decision gets narrow on September 18th. The fight is not over yet. Black-Yellow vs. Red-Red-Green. The front is set.


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Hi Konrad, thanks for the comment and for the welcome! I also had to catch up on your entries...I especially like the one which talks about things that are good in Germany, I have to agree about a lot of them, like public transport, or beer. But. Although it's true that Gösser is an Austrian beer, we make it in Hungary based on the Austrian recipe. The beer factory is in Sopron, where I was born and where my grandparents live so I know for sure. Thanks for the reading recommendation, I will read it! Wish I could speak Spanish...

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