Tuesday, July 12, 2005

News from poetry part II

Another poem by my grandpa. This time I tried harder and produced rhymes in the English version. Originally this poem was written in German of course.
The moon has effects on everybody's life. It is the reason for the tides, some people somnambulate at full moon, surgery should be done at waning moon. Just to mention some examples.
For me, I'm going to the hairdresser's shop only at Leo or Virgo days of the 28 days lasting circuit of the moon. It works, at least in my imagination.
This is to my mom as well, who taught me the belief in the power of the moon.

The moon

The moon is hanging old and shy,
like a red poppy in the sky.
The game lasts too long for him,
as tender nightly creature dim.
He's waning in a cautious way,
gets smaller there day by day.
And throws his last peace of light,
on whom it may then fall with might.
Then finally he has his peace,
rests gently in his boat's ease.
No reveler drinks the rest to him,
no dog barks at him loud and grim.
He shows how to do it every month,
but we don't understand at a glance.
The walk through the dark gate,
the glide into the light from shade.


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