Monday, July 04, 2005

Music was my first love

I am the owner of a Martin D-16 GT guitar, a Selmer Super Action 80 saxophone and a Keilwerth clarinet.
I played saxophone and clarinet in a band for seven years. I started when I was twelve years old. It was a great time, with travelling around (for example two times to France), lots of concerts. I made some money as well, which was great for me as a teenager. My parents couldn't control everything, so I had the chance to go to discos and clubs (after our band schedule) earlier than my brothers and sisters.
My grandma bought the instruments and I still have them. My saxophone was restored last year and I still didn't forget playing it totally.
But right now I'm more into playing the guitar. I started last year and I like it very much. I love singing and therefore this instrument is perfect. It's not that hard to learn it as an autodidact. I only had three lessons and did the rest myself. My father plays for thirty years now, I follow in his footsteps.
A friend of mine told me, that he can say that every minute of his life was worth it, when he played music. I agree with that. It is so much fun and energy and pleasure. I don't want to miss it in my life.


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