Friday, June 17, 2005

Looking forward

After one wonderful week at home, enjoying my family, next week will also be great:

1. Soccer Confederation Cup

On next Tuesday I will go and see the soccer match Germany vs. Argentina in Nuremberg. I'm so excited. The dress rehearsal for the world championship in Germany next year. We are hoping so much to get hold of tickets for this event, too. Tina has given me a tricot of the German team as a birthday present, so I will be dressed perfectly. Gol......................................!

2. Bright Eyes Concert

Conor Oberst will be in Nuremberg next Wednesday and I will be there as well. My songwriter and guitar player hero. I was tempted to go to Cologne to see him, because I didn't know of a concert in Nuremberg at first. But then I was told and my heart started beating. The Faint will also be there. I can't wait to go.

3. The revenge of the baby-sat

Tina's mom will babysit Emma on Thursday evening, so that Tina and me, we can go out for dinner at our favourite restaurant Cabaninha. Wonderful food, gorgeous wine, great coffee. Sounds like the perfect evening.

Isn't that a perfect week to look forward to? And by the way, two days off on Thursday and Friday. Can't get the smile of my face.

A nice time for all of you, share my happiness!


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