Tuesday, May 17, 2005

May the force be with you!

A lot of coverage of Star Wars at the moment, as you can imagine. I'm not so deep into it, but you cannot avoid the hype.
Maybe I should go and watch all six parts together. Afterwards I'll be dizzy, insane or maybe turn into an Ewok.
Interesting that George Lucas wrote the screenplays with a pencil. If anybody just would have had an eraser in his hand and some evil thoughts in his mind...................may the force be with you!

Applause for the French people who had the courage to stay at home and fight for their free Whit Monday.
Not like the Germany who acted like sheep, when the Penance Day was cancelled some years ago for some ostensible financial reasons. Now they are discussing about the Whit Monday as well as ideas to put our national holiday (October 3rd) on a Sunday every year. Thank you very much.
Holiday divide the year into sections and guide you through the year. They give you the chance to stop once in a while and reflect your situation. And to start with new power and new ideas. So beware of the red pencil!

By the way, I have one week off next week, I'm going to Italy (see links Academic Circle!).


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