Friday, May 13, 2005

Dreams are my reality

First of all I have to put my statements about little Emma into perspective. Most of the time she is lovable, but she can be a pain in the ass, too. Especially for her mom, who calls herself the entertainer. She is not the fastest baby concerning physical abilities. This is said to come from her dad. Sometimes she seems to be discontent with this situation, but she is not trying too hard to change it at the moment.
When she is carried around (her favourite amusement) she's smiling and looking very clever. I hope a part of this comes from her dad, too.

Last night I dreamt, that my sister was on the "Who wants to be a millionaire" show. She came up to the one million Euro question and suddenly I was asked by Günther Jauch, the quizmaster, to join her and answer the question together. I did and we passed the test. Unfortunately I don't remember the question, and I don't remember where the money is.
Now I'm thinking about what this means. Should I apply for the show, should my sister apply for the show? Should we apply for another show together? Should I buy a book of Sigmund Freud to interpret the dream?

When I think of Sigmund Freud, I think of the novel "The Hotel New Hampshire" of John Irving. One of my all-time favourites. So funny, thrilling, diverting and crazy. A recommendation for sure, as well as his other books.

As I like Hip Hop music I am very annoyed, that some right wing German Hip Hop bands are advancing. I don't like battle rap, especially when it's racist and sexist. So beat it, to all of these bands. Let the good bands from Stuttgart (Die fantastischen Vier, Afrob, Max Herre) and Hamburg (Fettes Brot, Eins Zwo, Samy Deluxe, Beginner) rule. Peace.


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