Tuesday, June 14, 2005

1000 songs and a prize competition

Now I'm back although still suffering from my bad calf bruise. I'm taped for almost one week now and it sucks. But at least I can stay at home and enjoy life as good as it gets.

  • I can read the very entertaining book "Me talk pretty one day" by David Sedaris.
  • I can improve my guitar playing.
  • I can manage to really read the newspaper, at least Feuilleton and Sports.
  • I can educate Emma, and Emma can educate me.
  • I can go along without one thought about work.
  • I almost feel like being on vacation.
  • I found out about a very interesting "50 years of pop music (1955 - 2004) anthology" from the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". See www.1000songs.de I'm now thinking about getting it. If some money is left. There is a prize competition and I couldn't find out about one question. They are talking about a wooden foot-bridge which used to be the most expensive pleasure district in the world. Then the city declined. A classical rock song tells about the declined city and the wooden foot-bridge. One line says more or less: "One day it's coming back" - and so did the city. It also says that millions of people wanted to play hotel owner there. The question is: Where is this city located a) East coast b) Nevada c) West coast d) Gulf of Mexico?
    Can anybody give me the answer? I would be delighted.

It's midnight now and I'm heading to bed!


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