Monday, June 06, 2005

Under Pressure

Now I have put myself under pressure, because I have invited my colleagues to celebrate my birthday and to say thank you for the presents to Emma's birth.On one hand I like to celebrate things and not let them pass by as a common day.On the other hand many people at my work do nothing at all or just offer some chips and orange juice. This is cheap in my eyes, and I wouldn't want to do this.
So I'm celebrating although I want to live like common people. I want do whatever common people do! I want to fail like common people!

First of all quitting my work would be a step in the right direction. Work part-time or at least something that fulfills you more. Read more, write more, play more music, work for nature, educate, love........

Sounds like a New Year's Resolution.


Blogger patroclus said...

Yes, Konrad! Do it! Do it! "It's never too late to drop out." Sage advice that I was given once, and I took it, and it was great. Then sadly I dropped back in again. Damn.

8:46 PM  

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