Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenschein.....

......zieh ich mir furchtbar gerne rein.
The sun is back in Germany at last. Hope I will see it in Italy next week, when I go on vacation with some buddies in the famous region Toskana. Nothing but T-shirt-suntans, minute-head-stands, six-pack-beer-cans, all-night-through-deep-sleeps and dark-blue-oceans. Starting in 24 hrs.!

The alias is "Academic Circle" (see links). That's because one of the folks only got off two years ago, when he told his boss that he would go on an "Academic Circle" with former fellow students, with academic lectures and speeches of the participants. The boss agreed and the name was born.

Sure I'll miss Tina and Emma. I hope Emma will still recognize me, when I come back. Maybe she thinks: Who on earth is this good-looking stranger? Perhaps I'll marry him in twenty years. Right now carrying me around and cuddling would be sufficient.

Next message from Bella Italia!


Blogger Catrin said...

Konrad, wenn du wieder daheim bist, schickst du mir bitte ein paar Fotos? Ich haette gerne das von Emma auf dem sie so schelmisch guckt, und einige von der Taufe, speziell die Schwesternbilder wenn die was geworden sind. Ach, schick so viele wie moeglich am besten!

4:15 AM  
Blogger Konrad said...

Hi Catrin, ich hab schon mit Tina drüber gesprochen. Wir stellen etwas für Dich zusammen. See you. Konrad

1:51 PM  

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