Monday, June 20, 2005


I'm back to work and what happens first: Nuisance, offense, pain.
We are working short hours in our company at the moment. I had to plan two days for the month of June. Now these two days coincided with the days when I was sick.
Now the company equates this with the days of working short hours for me as well. These days off are gone but nevertheless I have to accept the shortage of my salary because of working short hours (which I didn't do).

I think that's not fair, or am I thinking in the wrong direction? I don't mind the time off that much, hey we are already working 42 hours a week. But the reduced money hurts as father of a young family.

Well maybe at least something to complain about on my first day at work. Black monday I think. But still the good times will follow this week (see last post)! This leaves me fallen but with my head upright.


Blogger Jayred said...

Sorry to hear about that. But there will be better days ahead. Is that your daughter in the pic? Nice to be a father to such a sweetie, huh.

Thanks for visiting my X-Pat Files blog -- and yes, for the comment. "Snail mail" refers to those letters, postcards, subscription materials you receive by post. Hope this helps.

Your blog looks interesting. God bless.

1:18 PM  

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