Tuesday, July 05, 2005


deserves a quiet night....
Well, I wasn't nightswimming today but I went babyswimming with Emma and Tina today. I took half a day off.
I took Emma to the water and we had fun. She didn't smile very much, but she was very concentrated and enjoyed splashing and kicking.
Next week they are going to dive. Let's see what Emma thinks about this.

Yesterday she was the star because I had my little thank-you party at work. Emma and Tina were also there, the first time for both of them.
Of course both were admired! Tina said it was a little bit stiff, compared with the school where she works. Well I can imagine that, my company is conservative and people are not very outgoing. That's why I sometimes think I do not fit in here in this reckless international (that's how Catrin, my sister-in-law called it).


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