Monday, July 11, 2005

Wiesenfest Blues or "friends will be friends"

Today I am back from the festival Wiesenfest in my old hometown Selb. It was very nice to hang out with good old friends on friday and saturday night. When I go back to work and every day life I fall into the Wiesenfest Blues. Which means a little sigh and regret that it's over again.

But it was very nice again. When you meet some friends only once a year and it is like you have never been gone, that is what friendship stands for. Not to have to explain or excuse. But just to be glad to meet again, talk nonsense or sense, drink, laugh, smile. To be happy for other people for having babies, new jobs, anything.

I had to stop every 50 meters because another buddy showed up for saying hello. That's why I like to come back. Also to visit my parents of course, who are still there. We visit the famous Cortina cafe, with my favourite jogurt drink and good icecream. We stroll over the small market. We enjoy the garden of my parents which is more like a jungle. Enjoyable for Emma, who was very curious.

We had a good time and we will be back next year.


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