Thursday, July 14, 2005

German youth literature award

The German youth literature award was founded in 1956 of the ministry of families, senior citizens and youth and is awarded every year in the following categories:

  • picture book
  • children's book
  • book for young people and
  • nonfiction book.

A special prize of a youth jury is awarded as well.

The award will take place in the context of the Frankfurt book convention in october this year.

I have read many of the prize winners and was delighted (and enlightened) many times, e.g.:

Per Nilsson, So lonely
Mats Wahl, Winterbucht
Ted Van Lieshout, Brothers
Richard Van Camp, The lesser blessed

Disappointments happened only rarely. I have often used the books as presents, for my friends and family. Every year I'm looking forward to the award, because it is a constant inspiration and for me a guide through the jungle of books. Although I'm not that young anymore. But I couldn't care less.

Watch our for the prize winners in october, I will introduce them in my blog. Then we can start thinking about christmas presents.


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