Monday, August 08, 2005

News from poetry part III -

I've found this poem of Dorothy Porter from Australia at,
a lyric platform for contemporary poetry.

The platform wants to improve the odd situation of contemporary poetry.
Publishers complain, that poetry doesn't sell anymore. Unfortunately but logically editions and issues have been reduced as a result. Poetry has suffered from a loss in opportunities for the reception consequently. Poetry in book form no longer features in statistical surveys, because it shrunk so dramatically.
Bearing this in mind, the literaturWERKstatt Berlin has set up a poetry platform on the Internet which regularly presents collections of poetry read by the authors themselves! Photos and texts enable us listeners to put what they are listening to in a visual context. is the winner of the German Grimme Online Award 2005 in the category Culture and Entertainment!

Smile, if you love poetry.


You're lost if you steer.

How did you get here?

Leopard, that smell in the air.
Leopard, that spoor at your feet.

Your knots unfurled into a sail
and you tacked into a high colour


The leopard coughs from the horizon
you head for her throat.

She's beautiful.

A roar of sea, a roar of fur
you can look at her
you can look at anything.

A whiplash of tail

as she looks at you.

She’s so dangerous;
she takes your trembling measure

her eyes smoke

your eyes close

you want the cuff of her paw
you dream
of her weight on your chest.

She doesn't move.
A lush silence
spreads from her stare.

Her breath in your face.

She shapes you
sharp as light.

You don't swoon.


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