Thursday, August 11, 2005

Writing to stay sane

This is my last but one day at work before my three week holiday. My boss has left for his holiday yesterday with some orders before and I have tons to do before I can leave with a clear conscience.
It's 5 p.m. and I'm sitting here all by myself. Most of my colleagues leave on schedule on the dot. I can set my clock after them. This frustrates me sometimes. I feel like the last person on earth and the pure life passes me outside my window. But I strike back. I'm listening to the radio and now I'm blogging. This feels good. My little revenge for the laziness of the world.
I have a high sense of responsibility. It was like this for my whole life. I can do nothing about it, but I think this is not the worst thing to pursue.
I don't like couldn't-care-less attitudes and the acceptance of something negative without a word of protest. But I can understand on the other hand that people can get frustrated under high pressure. Sometimes you try and try but you are always told that it's not good enough. Who can judge this? What is good enough?

And I think this is a question of character to a certain point. If you are tough you go on fighting, if you are weak you resign and lapse into work to rule. The danger of this is high in a big company like mine I guess. It's hard to see your personal success and gratitude is rare. I've dealt with this for eight years now and I'm still above sea level. That's not bad I think. I have kept on struggling and they couldn't get me down. I'm a proud of this. So keep your head upright people of employia!

There will always be a light and if it's only the obscure but getting brighter thought of knocking-off time. See you at the party!


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