Thursday, September 08, 2005

Have been

I have been

  • living in Erlangen, Nürnberg, München, Amberg, Hof, Leutenberg and Neuhaus/Eger
  • travelling through Canada, USA, Mexico, Hungaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Egypt, Denmark, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Netherlands, Yugoslawia, Spain and England; at least that's all I remember
  • driving two Volkswagen (Golf), a Volvo and right now I'm driving a Seat
  • young, that's what everybody thinks about often I presume; I still do not feel old luckily
  • an officer in the federal armed forces of Germany
  • dumb a lot of times in my life; but how could you learn anything if you are not?
  • divorced several times, no, just kidding; I'm married for the first time and Emma is my first child
  • afraid of failure; that's what keeps you going, I think
  • drunk, dazed and confused
  • in love and I still am
  • happy all over from head to toes
  • dreaming, even during the day (I do it a lot)
  • smiling and laughing, hopefully enough
  • a friend if I could
  • frustrated but not depressed
  • doing sports which is absolutely vital for me
  • running a marathon in Munich 1993
  • running an inline skate marathon in Berlin 2001
  • dancing and singing for not a small part of my life

I'm wondering if the best is yet to come.........


Blogger Jayred said...

You sound so sporty (inline skating and marathon). And whew, you've been to a lot of places.

Glad to know you're still "in love" with your wife. :-) Hope there will be no divorce in the future.

1:12 PM  

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