Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gone but not forgotten - "jetzt" magazine

For several years, the biggest German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) had a magazine included for young people, the jetzt (means "now" in German) magazine.

I'm not really young anymore, but anyway it think was also for people who are wild at heart.
It was published every monday, a perfect start in the week. It could make you smile or think or dream.
There were some famous categories you could get addictive to. I was looking forward to them every week. Like for example:

  • Lebenswert (worth living) list
  • Nur für Jungs / Nur für Mädchen (only for boys / only for girls)
  • Verlieben-Lieben-Entlieben (Fall in love-be in love-get rid of love)
  • Star sein (being a star - that remembers me of being John Malkowich)
That was three years ago. On a fatal day in July 2002 the publishers of the SZ decided to shut jetzt down because of finacial problems. They stopped the magazine for the young. Isn't that unbelievable. They did it on the debit of the young people, who could have been their readers later. Well could have been.......

There were a lot of protests, even a demonstration. I wrote a letter to the SZ and also wrote a poem. I will attach it tomorrow, it is on my PC at work. Right now I'm at home.
We didn't succeed. The decision wasn't cancelled. The magazin ceased to exist. It was like having lost a friend. But it refused to leave my heart.

What is left is the homepage of jetzt on the Internet. So at least some of the categories have survived. Have a look, it is still interesting.
On mondays (still) there is one page in the SZ left for jetzt, but this is only the sad reminder of what could still be there in it's spledid beauty. Shame on you, SZ!

That's my poem:

jetzt soll leben

Wart ihr einmal gehetzt?
Was hat euch wieder aufgebaut: jetzt.
Hat euch jemand versetzt?
Was hat euch getröstet: jetzt.
Wart ihr einmal verletzt?
Was hat die Wunden geheilt: jetzt?
Hat euch jemand verpetzt?
Was hat zu euch gestanden: jetzt
Habt ihr euch mal gefetzt?
Was hat die Risse gekittet: jetzt.
Hat jemand Messer gewetzt?
Was hat sie stumpf gemacht: jetzt.
Wart Ihr mit Tränen benetzt?
Was hat sie getrocknet: jetzt.
Zu guter Letzt:
Was muß weiterleben: jetzt.


Blogger pillepalle said...

I found this jetzt website quite interesting - as much as I understood from its German...but just enough to like it. I can imagine you miss it from Mondays! And, I really liked your post about the hats!

1:18 PM  
Blogger Konrad said...

Nice, to hear from you again. Hope you are doing fine!

1:45 PM  

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