Thursday, September 15, 2005

Worth living list

I had to rearrange the list, because I was not satisfied before

1. My wife
2. My smiling baby
3. Playing the Martin guitar
4. Potatoes with curd cheese
5. German beer
6. Espresso or cortado
7. Good novels
8. Writing poems
9. Running (to stand still?)
10. Soccer: Playing, watching, everything
11. Get rid of (pounds, rubbish, naging thoughts....)
12 . The new Seat Leon (see picture)
13. Try to have fun at work
14. Sleep tight and long (hello Emma!)
15. Süddeutsche Zeitung, my newspaper
16. Musikexpress, the best music magazine
17. Pretend, you've never been to school, if somebody asks what you are doing
18. Laugh loud and groundless
19. Bayern 2, my radio station
20. Discover new music
21. Sun in September
22. Travelling, especially througout countries not visited before, I'm a collector in this way
23. Nick Drake
24. Nuremberg, it's my home town
25. Blogging [sic!]


Anonymous jayred said...

This reminds me of my own Happy List at X-Pat Files. :-)

9:02 AM  

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