Thursday, September 29, 2005

German politics - The chancellor generator

We still have an adjourned game concerning the formation of a goverment and the K-(Kanzler=chancellor) question.

At the moment the big coalition is the most likely possibility. But still Angela Schröder and Gerhard Merkel (did I mix something up?) insist on their leading role and claim to become chancellor.

Maybe we should change the game. Why shouldn't there be a mélange of the leading politicians of the different parties?

As there are:

Gerhard Schröder (social democrats)
Angela Merkel (conservatives)
Guido Westerwelle (liberals)
Joschka Fischer (greens)
Gregor Gysi (socialist)
Oskar Lafontaine (socialist)

Some possibilities:

Gerkar Wischkel
Gregela Festertaine
Joschkar Fffonsi
Osgor Mrökel
Ando Lafonwelle
Osdo Frösi
Guigor Schyder
Anka Wischsi (I like that one)

If you want to find out more. Go to the Kanzlergenerator (chancellor generator). And you will have a lot of fun. Let love rule!


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