Monday, October 10, 2005

German politics - The next generation

Breaking news.

Angela Merkel will be the next chancellor in Germany. Gerhard Schröder tried three weeks to warp democratical justice but at last he couldn't succeed.
At least this manoeuvre gained the social democtrats more Secretaries than the conservatives.
Names are not yet known, only that Edmund Stoiber (Minister President of Bavaria) will become Secretary of Commerce.

Some details for the coalition negotiations were fixed already. A reform of the income taxes, higher tax allowances for families, an alliance for employment, 3% of the gross national product as expenditures for education and research are on the schedule.

Schröder calls it quits. He has announced that he will not be Secretary in the new government. But he will take part in the negotiations about the coalition.

The SPD will have the State Department, Departments of Finance, Labor, Justice, Health, Transport, Environment and Development Aid.
The CDU will have the chancellor, the Secretary of the Chancellery and Departments of the Interior, Education, Economics, Consumer Protection/Agriculture and Defense.

Names are still not known yet, but of course there are speculations. I hope that younger politicians will get a chance. Both parties have to think about their future and this could be a possibility to get it started.


Blogger myke said...

it's a like a grand coalition of democrats and republicans!

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