Monday, April 03, 2006

Lies of life - Spring

I'm so sick of winter. Three months of snow, cold temperatures, viruses and colds. Three months of darkness, depression and bad mood. It has to stop now.

Now we are in April and we will see what happens with the weather. There were some signs of hope but now they say, we will have snow above 800 meters. Okay I give up.......
Maybe we are spoiled in Germany. We used to have hard winters in my youth and childhood. Maybe we are not used to them anymore. I know it's not at all like living in Canada.
But for Germany the winter was special and I wonder if there will be spring. Or will summer take over directly by winter?

Spring, sigh. Lovely time of awakening nature, green meadows, colorful gardens, opening hearts, growing feelings and shortening skirts (maybe this would mean summer).
It would be bad to lose it. Of course summer is beautiful but we need to have a transition. I'm not yet ready for direct sun power, beergardens, ice-cream and seaside. There has to be something inbetween.

May, June..............when will your comeback take place?


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