Thursday, March 23, 2006

If it all was mine - would I be happier?

I turn around a lot of money at work.

I buy and sell and bargain and contract and contract out. There are amounts in this game that sound adventurous when you start thinking about them.

Normally I don't do this, but at this time we have bought our house. A single day's turnover would rehabilitate our finances drastically. Unfortunately my company knows my private account but they do not seem to be interested to use it for business purposes. Well if the word if would father would be millionaire.

Quiero ser millionario? I don't know.Money doesn't make you happy. That's what you are told often. But on the other hand? Does it make you happy to have no money? Not really.

Money has two main advantages:

1.) You can say "no".
2.) You can transform money to time.

So at the moment it turns out that we will be poor concerning our account but hopefully rich in quality of life. It was a dream for me to stay in Nuremberg and it has become true. There was a phase where I had given it up, well almost.

Maybe I have to go to Günther Jauch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Konrad,

I wish to share with you this piece of article i recently read -
Money will buy;
A bed but not sleep,
Books but not brains
Food but not appetite,
Finery but not beauty
A house but not home,
Medicine but not health
Luxury but not taste,
Amusement but not
A crucifix, but not a
A church pew but not

Congratulations for having a new


7:22 AM  

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