Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Oscar goes not to .....


We had two strings to our bow:

Sophie Scholl - The final days for Foreign Language Film
Ausreißer (The Runaway) for Short Film (Live Action)

We failed. The Oscar went to:

Tsotsi for Foreign Language Film
Six Shooter for Short Film (Live Action)

Couldn't six people shoot Tsotsi? Just kidding, but isn't this an election of proportional representation? South Africa was nominated in 2004 for "Yesterday". Now South Africa has got the soccer World Championship in 2010, why not an Oscar as well?
I'm not angry, well I am a bit. We had a good year of German movies in 2005. Sophie Scholl is not a comfortable issue. But if not Sophie Scholl then why not "Paradise Now" from Palestine, where two young Palestinian men prepare themselves for a suicide bombing mission. That would have been courageous, dear Academy.

Consensus went a long way.

As expected we had the Oscars for:

Reese Witherspoon - her endearing portrait of June Carter, well, very nice. But why not award Felicity Huffman's terrific apperance as Transsexual in „Transamerica“?
Another favourite: Philip Seymour Hoffman, he broke his promise to bark his acceptance speech; he mimed a gay in „Capote“ indeed, but at least a shady one.

But what the hell about "Crash"? The Academy actually found the lowest common denominator with mainstream. What an outrage!
The other movies dealt with:
Gay cowboys in love ("Brokeback Mountain")
A pamphlet for free speech in times of blind patriotism („Good Night, and Good Luck“)
A prayer for freedom as an answer to terrorism ("Munich").

It is no "mistake" to award a drama of racism with the most important movie award of the world - but this movie (not exactly a subtle work) is the only one from the list of nominees that avoids future discussions for the Academy.

The fact that Hollywood wants to be racistic in no case is not new. Whether it is also Bush critical, rejects violence as political means or can live with gay cowboys - about these issues the members of the Academy still have to think twenty, thirty years more. About Robert Altman, who received his honorary Oscar in a cool and unimpressed way and mentioned briefly, that probably not all people in the theatre would have liked his movies, the Academy had to think for thirty years.

So there were no real winners. Three Oscars for "Crash", "Brokeback Mountain" and also three Oscars but only in side categories for the only nominated blockbusters "King Kong" and „Memoirs of a Geisha“.
Probably most of the evening will be forgotten very soon.

If only Philip had barked.


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