Thursday, February 09, 2006

Famous Austrians - Josef Hader

The second Austrian this year. Somehow amazing considering the traditional enmity between Germans and Austrians. But I think Austria is the foreign country I visited most in my life. I love the landscape, the Alps, Vienna, Skiing, and I found the people to be very friendly, however peculiar sometimes. But who isn't?

Josef Hader (visit his homepage here, it's worth it!) is an Austrian cabaret artist, actor and director. He visited a catholic high school and despite and/or due to this past he calls his relationship with religion and church "love-hate". After his civilian service at the Red Cross he began but didn't finish a study for teaching profession (German and history).
He decided to become a cabaret artist. His fifth program "Privat" (Private) has become a legend. He played it for 10 years (!), a period of time never considered to be possible for this genre. But I was so good that it did not fizzle out. When you see it or listen to it, you will understand. It's unbelievable funny, tragic, absurd, amazing. You are torn between laughter and tears. An experience for sure.

I heard it on the radio first and now I have a DVD, I didn't see yet. I'm looking forward to it.

I also love his movie "Indien" (India). It is based on a cabaret program as well. The bourgeois Heinz Bösel examines hotels in the Austrian province concerning compliance with hygiene regulations and trade-legal defaults. But he is ever ready to overlook breaches of regulations as long as he is corrupted with wine and food by the landlord and landlady. He is accompanied by the young, ambitious but simple Kurt Fellner. The two very different characters come nearer to each other in the course of time and discover their very own weaknesses and particularities. The delicate friendship of the two inspectors takes a special, surprising and tragic turn at the end of their journey.......
I will never forget the end of the telephone talks between Kurt and his (still) girlfriend: Drei, zwei, eins........Bussi! (Three, two, one ......kiss).
A running gag in our family.

Out now his new program "Hader muss weg". I will go and see it with Tina in may, one day before my birthday. A review will follow.


Blogger pillepalle said...

Hey Konrad! I'm sorry that you didn't get that job..try to look at what you gained with this loss. I'm sure there are many. For one thing, it must be good to your colleagues to continue to have you as company! Keep the faith!!!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Sara Beth said...

Hey, haven't been around a lot. Hope all is going well! I'm trying to make it more of a habit to be in here! Have a great weekend!

6:15 PM  

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