Thursday, February 02, 2006

Modern physiologies - Old age pensioner

The title of my post is like an oxymoron for me. Almost everybody seems to be a pensioner nowadays, now that we have more and more old people. My dad is a pensioner, my parents-in-law long to be pensioners, everybody older than 40 (me included) thinks about pension from time to time.
But on the other hand the German government has plans to fix the regular age for retirement at the age 0f 67. 67? That's ridiculous. The average age for retirement in Germany is about 60. There are tons of companies that do not employ people older than 50 years. So what the heck do they talk about 67? Well it's easy.
The one and only reason is that the social and especially the pension system in Germany is ill from head to toes. It lacks the money to maintain itself. Reasons:

- aging society
- high unemployment rates, especially of older and mal-educated people, but also and increasing young people at the beginning of their work life!
- system frauds (fictitious self-employed)
- system errors (non-system benefits)
- too many exceptions (civil servants, self-employed etc.)

Nobody thinks about retiring at the age of 67. But if you retire earlier you will get less money. Each and every year earlier means loss of money. That's the reason of the political plans. Save money. But that means doctoring the symptoms, not healing the wounds.

How much longer can we afford to throw older people out of work? That's a pervert system. They have to be integrated. Maybe the system of ever increasing salary has to be reformed and thought about. That's one of the main problems there are.

I'm a little angry that I pay a lot of money into a system from which I will not get too much money back in future times. But at the moment I have no other chance as an employee.

So pensioners enjoy your life. There will be harder times in the near future for all of us, but you are the winners right now. Everybody who has a job works like hell to make a living. You do not work to get a comparatively high pension, never to be obtained once more in the future. Is that not an oxymoron? Money for nothing (chicks for free come to my mind....).


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