Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Famous Germans - Heinrich Heine

From the newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" today:

The paper dedicates two articles to the poet Heinrich Heine, who died 150 years ago.

Ina Hartwig describes him as the "wittiest, most serious, and most undaunted writer in the German language."

German Studies expert Manfred Schneider is highly sceptical of the "reconciliation" between the Germans and their poet, who "ruffled many a post-Stalinist feather" during his popularisation in the seventies. "Only since the Germans learned that it is an art to talk as art demands, since they became familiar with the paradoxes of language and the world, since they found a foothold in the language of the modern, can they send their children to schools named after Heine."

Heine wrote "Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen" (Germany. A Winter's Tale), an account of his visit to Germany the previous year and the political climate there, in 1844.
Many of the things written there could still be true for today, the political satire is still up-to-date.


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