Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In today's feuilletons - What Germany's present constellation of chancellor and soccer coach has to offer

59 days before the start of the FIFA World Cup hosted by Germany, dramatist Moritz Rinke poses the weighty question: "It is often said that in major tournaments, the German national team reflects the state of the nation as a whole. Coach Sepp Herberger and Konrad Adenauer stood for the founding myths of the Republic, and not for experimentation; Willy Brandt and team manager Helmut Schön for 'go for more democracy', while Helmut Kohl and head coach Berti Vogts stood for ups and downs, taking both sedately in their stride ("The field was too long for one-two passes"). But what on earth do Angela Merkel and Jürgen Klinsmann stand for?"


Blogger Catrin said...

But Konrad, it's so clear- they stand for bad haircuts!

How that relates to soccer, I don't know.

10:12 PM  

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