Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A new exhibition in town- 200 years of Franconia in Bavaria

Warning! Proud Franconian content. I'm not talking about Canada. I'm talking about Franconia, the best part of Bavaria in southern Germany.

We have survived 200 years of Bavarian affiliation.
Therefore we have decided to organize an exhibition in Nuremberg, my hometown:
"200 years of Franconia in Bavaria" in the museum industrial culture. It shows the great political and social changes of the last 200 years.
Eventful times started, when Franconia became Bavarian. The Franconians had to get used to new money, new measures, new weights and new authorities.
Measures like the Ludwigskanal and the railway between Nuremberg and Fürth were meant to bring Franconia forward in an industrial way.
But not everything was harmonic. Autonomy was claimed several times in history, even against the Bavarian king.

But with foundation of the realm in 1871 separation remained no longer in the heads of people. The process of industrialization and technical development got hold of society. World wars, misery, political and social conflicts affected Bavaria and Franconia likewise.
In the Third Reich Nuremberg became the romantic scenery of the Nurmemberg Rallies.
Out of the ashes after WW2 Franconia was part of the Wirtschaftswunder, the economic miracle, born by traditional companies and newcomers.
There is also a view into future. How will we live in 2050? Will Franconia be a desert? Will the local soccer club 1.FC Nuremberg become German champion?


Blogger Kathy said...

The best part of Bavaria? Excuse me????? Let's try to pretend you never said that.

Sorry I'm just kidding.

Well, happy birthday Franconia then!!

Greetz from lovely Lower Bavaria
Kathy :D

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