Monday, May 15, 2006

Famous Germans - Franz Beckenbauer

Coming close now is the soccer World Championship 2006 in Germany, starting June 9th. If we talk about this issue, we have to talk about the most famous German soccer player in history, the "Kaiser" ("emperor") Franz Beckenbauer.

Nowadays he is factotum, sports official, advertising medium, businessman and influential journalist.

He has won a soccer World Championship three times:

As player and captain in 1974 (see picture above)
As coach in 1990
As organizer for Germany in 2006.

A record that will probably never be reached again. Besides all his other titles.

He can make gold out of crap.
He can probably walk on water.
He must have eaten good luck with spoons in his childhood, too.
He can tear the players of Bayern München into peaces, especially when writing and gossiping for the horrible tabloid Bild Zeitung, although he is the president of the club.
He has to say a lot of things about a lot of things, journalists hang on his lips. Although he is spreading commonplaces and cants with his mediocre intellect. "Äh................." should be the word he uses most oftenly.
He can afford to have advertisement contracts with companies contrary to the partners of Bayern München.
He looks like everlasting holiday - sunburned from skiing and playing golf in his adopted country Kitzbühel in Austria.
He seems to have no problems in seducing women because he has several legitimate and illegitimate children ("God loves all the children" he said).
He seems to be everywhere all at once. For example in the countries participating at the soccer World Championship, which he visited quite oftenly.
He is the actor in a leading role in "Lothar and Franz", a comedy series on the radio station Bayern 3.

Isn't that a life to live?


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