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Caballito del diablo - Year One

It is the first anniversary of my blog today. I can't believe it, but my very first post appeared here on Caballito del diablo one year ago, May 9th 2005. Here's how it all started. Two comments, that's not bad for the first post. But Maja never appeared again.

I never had the idea of having a blog before. My sister-in-law Catrin visited us and infected me. I started without an idea but with the hope of finding a way through my thoughts. I was 35, now I'm 36. I'm still working at the same company, I'm in year 10 now there. My daughter has grown rapidly and is having chickenpox at the moment. We have bought a house and are looking forward to move in.
I thought I'd guide you through some of my favorite moments and highlights from the first year of CDD because I'm complacent and high-handed like that.

My favourite categories: Faded Myths , Lies of Life and Modern Physiologies

These categories came into my mind because of my newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. They have these categories in the feuilleton as well and you can cover a lot of topics with them. I have used them with joy:

Faded Myths: 6 times (my favourite: hats)
Lies of Life: 4 times (my favourite: happiness)
Modern Physiologies: 5 times (my favourite: bonvivant)

Other categories

Famous Germans (and Austrians)
I have written about Gerd Müller for example. As a sports fan, sports was often a topic in my blog. I always read the sports part first in my newspaper and I think I would be the perfect telephone joker for "Who wants to be a millionaire". I have written about a dream concerning this show as well.

Things I like about Germany
Three parts up to now, but I think I have neglected the list in the last few months. So many things more on my mind. But maybe "Things I hate about Germany" should get a chance as well.

German politics
Always on my mind, although I read this part of the newspaper only in third place. But I do not accept the accuse that a single person cannot change anything . Policy is not made of an elite, that cannot be influenced. First of all politicians are elected by the people. And policy is the sum of many small actions and decisions. Everybody is free in voting and taking part in political processes. This could start by joining a party and could lead to active work.

News from poetry
I love poems and I have posted some in my blog. Some from unknown poets but some of my Grandpa or even of myself. My marriage proposal was a poem, but that is another story to be told.

In today's feuilletons
Many of these ideas came from one of my favourite sites in the internet "sign and sight". A perfect feuilleton coverage and I like to read feuilleton after sports. The rest is given to Emma for destruction. Just kidding.


I haven't done nearly as many posts about music as I had initially imagined I would. I find it kind of hard to write about music on a regular basis. The are lists of what to hear everywhere and I am no professional journalist for this topic. Unfortunately the number of visited concerts has decreased massively since Emma was born.
love to sing and play my guitar and listen to the radio and my records. For the rest I trust my favourite magazine: Musikexpress.
I wouldn't be a bad telephone joker for music though. I know, self-praise stinks.


138 posts
3230 unique visitors (average 248 visitors per month, 60 per week and 8 per day)
Coming mainly from:
Germany 1630 50.46%
United States 531 16.44%
Canada 364 11.27%
United Kingdom 153 4.74%
Switzerland 100 3.10%
Philippines 96 2.97%
Hungary 53 1.64%
Spain 32 0.99%
Singapore 28 0.87%
Mexico 26 0.80%
Australia 21 0.65%
India 16 0.50%

Where the hell is China?

It's my life

I don't know if my life is interesting for anybody out there. Maybe it sounds amusing from afar, but up close, well it's everyday life, you know? Blog posts that deal with my personal life aren't my favourite, that's what I can say. Isn't it banal for readers, except the one's that know me personally?

Nevertheless I have written about it anyway. I have written about my family of course, the most important issue of my life.
Tina was given the rank of a civil servant for life yesterday. We had a little celebration in private. Other confessions and stories of my private life still remain but never caused a riot. But never underestimate a dangerous mind.
youth and some famous memories came up to me and occured in my blog from time to time, too. They will always be a part of me.

Canada was on my mind. Well
Catrin (see above) lives there and some other fellow bloggers I have met: Steve, Janet (who disappeared?), Erika and Samantha. Other bloggers came from all over the world: Lonnie, Hippy Monkey, Tuna Girl, Joe, Cindy-Lou and Sara-Beth from the U.S. But also Jo from Singapoore, Pillepalle from Hungary, Patroclus from the U.K., Jayred of Switzerland and Kathy from Germany (!). Thanks to all of you who have tipped me off to good stories and ideas for posts, commented hilariously and often and just generally supported me this past year in my effort to gain an audience for this here writing o' mine.


It's been a good year. Many credits and only few debits. You can find a good summary here. Work was hard but my private life was a compensation for sure.
I would like to thank all my "non-virtual" friends as well, who read the blog enthusiastically and often and then mess me up by knowing all kinds of weird, intimate stuff about my life.

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!


Blogger pillepalle said...

Congrats on this anniversary. I saw you've got 53 visitors from Hungary, or that was just me 53 times? I'm sure it's rather the first (wink wink). I hope Emma gets well soon and keep on writing your blog! Cheers!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Cheers to another year of posting interesting and sensible write-ups on your blog. Hope you won't tire sharing them to the world. Hey, they are surely noticed although some (like me) cannot always manage to post a comment.


11:37 AM  

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