Saturday, May 27, 2006

In today's feuilletons: Berlin's new central train station

Berlin's new Hauptbahnhof station was inaugurated yesterday.

The architect, Meinhard von Gerkan, is suing the Deutsche Bahn rail company for shortening the roof and adulterating the ceiling on the lower level (see the feature "Bodily harm to a train station").

The Südeutsche Zeitung SZ prints the speech he was not allowed to deliver: "All of my efforts to mobilise high-level politicians to stop this monstrosity in its tracks failed. Ex-chancellor Gerhard Schröder said: 'Come on Gerkan, the sausage is long enough, I see it every day.' Two years later at his farewell party he admitted: 'the sausage's been bitten off – at both ends'."

In a second article Gerhard Matzig celebrates the station despite all the controversy as a "serendipitous memory of train stations' once great iron architecture," wishing von Gerkan success in his lawsuit.

Stranger come to Berlin and form your opinion. Berlin is worth a visit, because it is changing every day. I realize it, when I go there from time to time. On my next stay I will go see the Hauptbahnhof and the Jewish Museum of architekt Daniel Libeskind as well.


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