Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Four more years! Four more years?

Today is the 4th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraque war. Not at all a day to celebrate. But a day to look back in, well mainly anger.

What has happened? What have been the reasons for starting the war:

  • To expel the despotic Iraque regime of Saddam Hussein: Success
  • To destroy the weapons of mass destruction: Never found
  • To repacify the land and the region: Failure
  • To satisfy the urge for revenge for September 11: Phyrric victory
  • To form an "Axis of Good" against the "Axis of Evil": Disintegrating
  • Overall victory: Failure
Altogether a desaster for the U.S. They failed all along the line.
Thousands of dead people on both sides. Assaults almost every day. Destroyed culture, robbed museums and archaeological sites.
Scorched earth policy.

Perspectives? Vague and not encouraging. Can some thousand soldiers more be a solution?

At least Donald Rumsfeld and his unbearable rhetoric have disappeared. The gap that George W. will left behind will substitute him entirely.
I do not envy the next American president. No, not at all.


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