Monday, March 05, 2007

The end of blogging

In the year of 2007 besides other cathastrophes of mankind (the dying out Tiger Slug, German EU-precidency), the end of blogging will take place surprisingly. First the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. Then the news spreaded like wildfire. First in the Süddeutsche blog then in the anti Süddeutsche blog blog. Pie-Burglar, LOLZ-Master and !Aphroditos were next. Cathy-Carefree 88 and AngryMetalBlogger then reported the whole shebang to "their buddies": "It is over! Never again blogging fun for us :-( ". These short post in AngryMetalBlogger caused 288 comments; many readers showed their dismay: "Holy shit, is it over? My world is perishing!" wrote TorfRock. "But isn't it good"? polemized NoNonsenseZZZ. A heavy controversy between both started with bad insults. and the MetaMetaBlog (the blog which questions the critical blog coverage critically) reported about the fight. !Aphroditos tried to moderate; his hint that the article of the Süddeutsche Zeitung deals with a different issue was not heard: Many blogs post "Help me I'm dying!" and "How much longer?". Meanwhile investigates the reason of collective blog dying: It is Hildegard "Hildi" Treitschke, a 84 years old retired woman from Hamm (Westfalen), the only person who has no blog in the whole world. Allegedly she does not need "that stuff" a friend of her reported at Hildi' smugly. now thinks about legal measures.


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