Friday, February 16, 2007

Carnival in Cologne

I'm in Cologne to visit my dear sister Katharina and to celebrate Carnival. I'm here for the 9th time to do this.
I started in Düsseldorf in 1998, I shouldn't say this too loud here. The people of Cologne and Düsseldorf do not like each's like Nuremberg and Fürth in my home region.
I like Carnival as a special time in the year. I'm here to forget all the sorrows and problems of everyday life. I'm dunking into this artificical but funny kind of Carnival life.
Your are disguised, you have to be disguised here. I'm a Cowboy this year. A living fades mythos. That feels good.
I have been a hippie for years but that kind of bored me now. Although I like this costume. It reminded me of a very nice Hippie Flower Power Party we had at home in 2004. Tina was pregnant and nobody knew before. But she didn't drink all evening and so the brilliant disguise leaked out......
Yesterday was Weiberfastnacht, the main day of the Cologne (and everywhere in the Carnival regions of Germany) Carnival. It stars on 11.11 a.m and ends well nobody knows.
I'm feeling good today, no hangover. Thanks to some water besides Kölsch, the local beer. A terrible head ache beer regularly. Also the taste is okay, well you cannot compare it to Franconian beer. Sorry Cologne.
Today I'm going to a thermea. Must be a remnant of the ancient Romans, they have quite a lot here. But this is absolutely relaxing and balm for the soul. I recommend the Neptun bath.

Bye bye and come to Cologne! It's worth a try not only at Carnival


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