Monday, January 22, 2007

Element of crime: Storm

The storm "Kyrill" has blown away a lot of things:
  • Politicians
  • Houses (see picture, translation "With a storm like this I'll stay at home")
  • Parts of the Central Station of Berlin (see comment below)
  • Remains of snow (the famous ski downhill race in Kitzbühel ("Streif") was cancelled)
  • Trees
  • Trust in weather

News from Berlin Central Station:

A little wind and already the Million Dollar building sin is shaking

But: The worst is yet to come.

February: Little Nadine drops her doll accidentally while deboarding the Intercity train. The steel bars of the station moan under the heavy load when the "bullet" penetrates the ceilings of three floors like butter and isn't stopped until hitting the concrete skull of Hartmut Mehdorn (CEO of the German Railway Company "Deutsche Bahn". The station is closed for 14 days.

March: Despite strong safety precautions and complete observation a passenger suffers a hysterical coughing fit because of the rise of fares. This time the station does not get off that lightly. Parts of the roof construction are spun around and are found later in Königs Wusterhausen. The railroad company absorbes the costs of the cleanup efforts skillfully with a new rise of fairs.

The laugh is always on the loser!


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