Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lost in time and lost in space......

and meaning.

Hello to everybody out there! A Happy New Year 2007 to all of you my fellow readers.

I hope I haven't annoyed you because of my absence in the last let's say three month. Or have it been more?
It seems like we have gone through a black hole in time. Everything culminated in December, I have written about some things that have happened.
Well we moved into our house eventually. You could say this took place on December 15th. That was when we slept there first. Exhausted on one hand but lucky on the other hand.
We have no garden (at least what could count as European or even English garden) but will have enough space to create one.
Our garage is close to decay, the door is hanging on one hinge.
Our entrance is still like it has been before. Beautiful but leaky.
Our fence is rotten.
But our house shines and looks like being (almost) new. I will post a picture soon and you can compare it with the original look.
I will never forget the renovation time. Many sorrows and some regrets but also I have learned a lot of things and words I have never heard before.
Like Fasche, Abziehklinge, Exzenterschleifer, Beitel, Donaukies, französischer Balkon, Bitumen. Don't ask me about the English names.
I haven't become sick in all this stress, no wonder I didn't have the time. But even afterwards I'm still fine, knock on wood!
Tina was sick on the day of our removal, but she managed to get through the day. My brave wife!
Emma didn't want to move into the building site (that was her name for our house) first but that lasted only two days or so.
She can still visit our old appartment because her day mother has moved in there. It would be funny to know what she thinks about this.
We also enjoyed the absence on christmas when we visited our parents. But there is still a lot to do in our house of course.
I'm back to work since Tuesday. We have a new organisational structure. But this is another story and will be told another time.

Which leads us to the starting point of my post again.

I hope I will find the time to blog a lot more during the next months. I think there will be something on my mind.


Blogger Steve said...

Happy New Year to you too, Konrad. I hope the house works out well for you, and that your blogging increases (I'm not one to talk, of course).

Please remind Catrin to come home on Monday.

6:55 PM  

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