Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Borat causes problems to Wikipedia, Kazakhstan and to the U.S. and A.

Borat, 35, popular buffoon because of his film causes problems to the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.
The Wikipedia persons in charge have blocked the English entry for Kazakhstan for changes.
The reasons were some jokers who announced the British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays a Kazakh reporter in the film, to the head of state!
The Borat fans also changed the lyrics of the the Kazakh national anthem. Temporarily there was written: "Kazakhstan greatest land of the world. All other countries ruled by little girls."
Other jokers added the wrong information that women in Kazakhstan were not allowed to drive in buses until 1978.
I have seen the film and had to laugh out loud even at the most political uncorrect scenes. This is America holding a mirror before itself. A deep look in the deep black American soul. As I heard Borat caused an aisle of journalistic rumour on his way through U.S. and A. (That's how he pronounced the name). He was on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers. And he tried to force Pamela Anderson (!) to marry him. With putting a sack over her head, when she showed unwillingness.
I wonder what kind of reception this movies has in the States. Can anybody tell me?
Kazakhstan also tried to avoid getting to close to the picture Borat draws of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just recently saw the movie and I will also admit that I thought it was really funny. I'm just worried about how this movie will affect people's image of kazakhstan. As funny as this movie is, its laughter at the expense of the reputation of another country. The least this movie could have done was alert people to the fact that this is a poor representation of the people of kazakhstan.

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