Friday, November 03, 2006

Modern physiologies - Israel hater / Arab sympathizer

We could sing a song of protest about the growing animosity towards Israel in Germany, where for a change the "average German" and the "Elite Pack" are agreed.
There is much under-the-breath muttering, growling and whining of that old chorus: The Jews are to blame for everything! And when faced with reflex accusations of anti-Semitism, today's Jew-haters reply coolly: "Surely one can criticise one's friends!"
The Germans have a steely eye on the Jews in Israel, and a moist eye on the Arabs in Palestine. But the German romantic sympathy for the Islamists in the Middle East conflict has its reasons. To the German mind, the Arabs are maniacs, immature third-class citizens, quite beyond the reaches of humane Enlightenment.
This German sympathy is a sort of patronising contempt. The gushing respect for foreigners is nothing but self-satisfied arrogance. You can see the multi-cultural rhapsodising of people as the flip-side of the sinister racism of yesteryear.


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