Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cry baby!

A picture of Jill Greenberg who took photos of crying little children (a series called "End Times" and caused a heavy controverse between opponents and supporters.
The only thing she had done is to give sweets to the kids and take them away rights afterwards.
Some people called her a sick woman and she was compared with Michael Jackson and Adolf Hitler (!) because of abusing the children, whom she tortured for her success.
Have they ever heard of liberty of arts? Of course children often cry when you take things away of them. I can tell you stories about Emma. Children are born actors and dramatists. Crying because of alleged meannesses is daily business.
Jill Greenberg accented that none of the children was harmed. Her photo series was politically motivated. She wanted to express her own powerlessness against the political and social situation in the U.S. The government would act like End Times would be close in which the safety of future times plays no role anymore.


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