Friday, September 22, 2006

We are building character

Actually we are building our house. But this kind of builds your character as well.
We are having a strenuous time, with a lot of decisions to be made, a lot of the discussions with craftsmen and the architect, a lot of material to find and buy (have you heard of steeknails with riffle and wheel head or isosceles anglesteel?)
But I think when we have gone through all of this, our little family will be welded together even more than before.
Right now the outside of our house looks perfect, with a new roof, new windows and a new facade.
But let us not talk about the inside. It sends shivers down my spine when I see this. I'm dreaming of sacks of plaster: Cement, lime-cement, plaster, loam..........a science of its own.
And I think I have lost the manual.

As we have a wood-pellet heating, I hope we will not have a lot of coal in our stocking.
And by the way, of course blogging builds character as well.


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