Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I met a dragonfly today - nice to meet you caballito del diablo

I met a patron saint for my blog today. I often go for a walk during the break at noon. Sometimes I go to a little pond in the forest as I did today. I sat down and enjoyed the sunshine.
I realized some nice dragonflies flying around. Suddenly one of them landed on the bench where I was sitting. It seemed to watch me and after a while it started again and landed on my knee. I nearly stopped breathing in order not to drive it away.
The dragonfly was beautiful, with a deep red color and a shimmering body like in the picture above.
I never came closer to a dragonfly in my life and I decided that I had chosen the right name for my blog.
These animals are gorgeous but on the other hand they are awesome. Dragonflies in particular are the raptors of the insect world (even cannibalism takes place!) and absolute masters of maneuverings in flight.


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