Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wo man singt, da laß Dich ruhig nieder - böse Menschen haben keine Lieder. Or: Emma, our little singer.

Emma has started to sing whole songs. That's amazing for a little girl, who is not yet 20 months old.

Her favourite songs so far, that she can sing by heart are:

Alle meine Entchen.
La Le Lu, nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu.
Backe, backe Kuchen.
Es tanzt ein Bi Ba Butzemann in unserem Haus herum.
Hänsel und Gretel.
Der Elefant kommt gerannt.

Besides some poems for little kids and games like "Hoppe hoppe Reiter".

We wonder what happens when she keeps improving her language like this. Probably she will have a greater vocabulary as I have, latest when she turns three.......

Right now she is sleeping like an angel, probably dreaming of all her family members and friends, of whom she is thinking and telling all the time.

So these greetings go to them:

Grandma Karin and Grandpa Eberhard
Grandma Marianne and Grandpa Werner
Aunt Kathi and Jonathan, Julius and Titus (for whom she brushes her teeth first every evening) Aunt Claudia, Hans and Sam (Wau Wau)
Aunt Catrin and Steve (Canada she says, when telling of them)
Uncle Leonhard, her favourite
Uncle Kilian, Anna and Leander, Valentin and Clara
"Aunt" Anni (Tina's aunt)
Anna her child minder, Alicia (her best friend), Julian, Baba and Dziadzio
Kerstin, Till and Fiona
Monika, Marlon and Nicolas (America she says, when telling of them)
Sophia and Sandra
Hanna and Simone
Paula and Petra
Max and Barbara

And many more.

Good night and good luck to all of you.


Blogger Steve said...

What, she doesn't say "Esel" when referring to me?

(This is based on a hilarious story that I'm not sure we actually told you. Catrin can fill you in, maybe.)

And man, I remember Hoppe Hoppe Reiter - that's a great one.

Say hi to Emma for me and tell her to keep up the malen.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Not on the couch, though.

12:26 AM  

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